New Cleveland Kingdom Chapter 1

Various Cleveland Recording Artist

Northcoast Entertainment, L.L.C presents...

New Cleveland Kingdom Chapter 1

Wave List:

KINGstory(@almightynorthcoastking_swishah) ...

FatFool216 - Car Show

 NorthCoast King'z(@ncking216 & @almightynorthcoastking_swishah)- Meet Me @  Da Store 

Mookie Montoino(@theohioplaya)- Show Me The Money

LOE; King K x Young Scratt - Hundos feat. Teezy From The Clair & Blue Heff

D Werd(@dwerdofloe) x J Jig Ciecero(@jjigciecero) x Kool Kirk(@_koolkirk) - Gettin To The Doe 

Bear - Uppin Kotts

Poppii CHUNO(@poppiichuno) - #LukkiiCharmz 

KING SWISHAH(@almightynorthcoastking_swishah) - Inkredible

Malik X (@king_lftg) - Fuck the Speculation

King G. Child(@ncking216) - Good Kush (All I Need)

Shawn Da Don(@shawndadon87) ft. Epic & C Sparks - WORK IT OUT 

Louchiano Redd(@louchiano.red)- Bagg

Ray Jr(@ecrayjr) - Same Crew 

J Jig Cicero(@jjigciecero)- Money Groove 

J Jig Cicero(@jjigciecero)- Bands 

King G. Child(@ncking216) - TF Outta Crazy 

Doe Boy(@doeboy) - Poor or Rich Freestyle

Doe Boy(@doeboy) ft. Future(@future)- Most Wanted

YFL Kelvin(@yflkelvin) - 2Hot

Suwoop - Pooh Gutta(@poohgutta) x Lil Cray(@lilcrayforeva) x Sir Chubbie

Yung Rida(@therealyungrida) - Whoa

MGK(@mgk) - Floor 13

Lil Cray(@lilcrayforeva) & Sir Chubbie - No Hook

Northcoast Kingz(@ncking216 & @almightynorthcoastking_swishah)- NCK 4 Life I

Poppii CHUNO(@poppiichuno) - CHUNO

King Jamma(@king_jamma_) - I'm Blessed

NoLuvChina(@noluvchina)- Voice Of The Streets

AFNF Cardeair(@_cardeair)- Snakes 

Sir Chubbie - Jealous

AFNF Cardeair(@_cardeair)- Strangers

LMG The Movement(@lmgthemovement) - Harder

Northcoast Kingz(@ncking216 & @almightynorthcoastking_swishah)- NCK 4 Life II

YFL Kelvin(@yflkelvin) - NASDAQ

King G. Child(@ncking216) - Smile

KINGstory(@almightynorthcoastking_swishah)present & future...

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Dere is a piece of HEAVEN, in every krack of Hell.”

— Kristopher Lawrence bka KING SWISHAH

Everybody got a Northcoast in'em.”



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